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Diff Reconditioning Sydney

Diff Trans (NSW) Pty Ltd are specialists in repairs and parts for manual transmissions and differentials. We are an Australian-owned, family business with a reputation for quality workmanship and prompt service. Diff Trans have over ninety years of combined experience under one roof.

Our machine shop is fully equipped to meet all your needs for diff conversions, diff housing straightening, bracing, new axles, stud pattern changes, re-splining of axles, repairing of gearbox components, tail shaft modifications, and diff reconditioning for motorists across Sydney.

While many differentials are some of the strongest parts of your car, they do wear out and will need replacing. One sign that your diff needs replacing or reconditioning in a rear-wheel drive car may be a whining sound from the rear. It’s important to respond to this strange sound quickly because, if it freezes up while you are driving, you can lose control of your vehicle. Surrounding parts will also suffer damage when you have a faulty rear differential. Cost to you needn’t break the budget though, don’t worry!

We have a range of affordable options for a wide range of stock. We’re ready to repair that sudden failure of your rear differential. Cost can also be kept down through our reconditioned service or exchange units? We guarantee speedy turnover and prompt delivery to ensure that you and your customers are satisfied.

Differential Rebuild

Committed to delivering the highest level of mechanical expertise to all our customers throughout Sydney, the team at Diff Trans can improve the performance of all types of differential systems. To guarantee the safe operation of all components of the system, we can conduct comprehensive differential rebuilds for Sydney vehicle owners. At Diff Trans, our friendly staff look forward to hearing from you! For a free, no-obligation, quote please feel free to call us today on 1300 723 433.