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Transmission Repair Doonside

Do you feel your car is lacking in power? Is it sluggish to accelerate, even when you put your foot down? When you change gears, does the car emit an odd sound? It’s best not to ignore this until your next service scheduled, as this can in fact be warning signs from your transmission or gear box, which may need replacing or repairing.

Diagnosing the problem correctly can take time and, because of the complexity of the parts involved, requires expertise. That’s why, to make sure your car receives the care it needs, you need a transmission and gearbox specialist. Doonside and surrounding suburbs will find Diff Trans their well-located gearbox specialist.

We employ technicians who specialise in getting your transmission running smoothly again, using state-of-the-art technology.

For a gearbox specialist Doonside motorists can rely on to price more cheaply than the dealership or manufacturer, it must be Diff Trans. 

In addition to Doonside, We also provide services in Hassall Grove, Marayong, Prospect, Ropes Crossing and surrounding suburbs.