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Transmission Repair Marayong

Is your car failing to take off as it once did? The engine is revving, but the vehicle’s not accelerating, no matter how much pressure you put on the acceleration pedal? To cap it off, the car sounds a strange lurching noise, or a grinding noise, whenever you change gears. This shouldn’t be tolerated until your next service comes around. It could be sign of serious malfunction with your transmission or gear box, which can be a dangerous fault to drive with.

It can take time to locate and treat issues with the transmission or gear box, because of the parts involved. That’s why it’s important to bring your vehicle to a gearbox specialist. Marayong motorists will find that Diff Trans are their near-by experts. Our technicians are specially trained in gearbox and transmission repairs. We can repair or replace, depending on your needs.

Whether the gearbox specialist for Marayong motorists is for manual or automatic-transmission cars, we are the reliable option – much cheaper than the manufacturer or dealer. 

In addition to Marayong, We also provide services in Prospect, Ropes Crossing, St Marys, The Ponds and surrounding suburbs.