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Transmission Repair Ropes Crossing

Is your car lacking vim and vigour? Does it rev, but not accelerate? Maybe you’ve also noticed that when you change gears it makes strange sounds, struggling to find the gear, despite the gear stick being correctly engaged (though this issue can also affect automatics). It’s important not to ignore this issue until the next scheduled service, even if this is not far away. This could be a sign that your transmission is failing and in need of repair. A faulty gear box can be a dangerous fault if something worse happens while you’re driving.  

It’s important to bring your vehicle to an expert as soon as possible for gearbox repairs. Ropes Crossing vehicle owners should know that problems with transmission can be difficult to diagnose and repair. At Difftrans, we pride ourselves on employing technicians expert in transmission services.  For all their needs in gearbox repairs, Rope Crossing residents will also find us competitively priced. 

In addition to Ropes Crossing, We also provide services in St Marys, The Ponds, Vineyard, Blacktown and surrounding suburbs.