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Transmission Repair The Ponds

Are you having trouble with your vehicle’s acceleration? You may have noticed that the engine revs, but is late to accelerate. Have you also noticed a grinding sound when you’re changing gears, or that your vehicle is struggling to find the next gear? If any or all of these symptoms are appearing, it may be the case that there is something awry with your vehicle’s transmission or gear box. Don’t delay in having a professional attend to this issue, as it can be quite dangerous if the gear box or transmission fails while you are driving your vehicle. It can also quickly cause damage to surrounding parts.

If needing a transmission repair, The Ponds residents should consult Sydney’s experts: Diff Trans. Our in-house technicians are specially trained in transmission technologies in cars, and can quickly identify and prepare a solution to a problem. For the best in transmission repairs, The Ponds vehicle owners should come to Diff Trans.

In addition to The Ponds, We also provide services in Vineyard, Blacktown, Huntingwood, Kings Park and surrounding suburbs.