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Transmission Repair Sydney

Have you noticed a deterioration in your car’s power output? This can manifest as a lack of acceleration, even with your foot firmly on the pedal. Maybe you can hear strange noises under the bonnet whenever you shift gears? If you’re experiencing either of these issues, or other concerning changes to the normal operation of your vehicle, you may need a transmission repair or transmission rebuild. Sydney’s motorists can come to Diff Trans for their car transmission repair.

Diagnosing these problems can be a pains-taking process, even for the most enthusiastic DYI car-lovers. That’s why it’s best to leave the issue to a transmission specialist in Sydney – Diff Trans!

Thanks to our knowledge and years of unmatched hands-on expertise the team at Diff Trans can get your car running as good as new in no time at all. After in-depth inspection and testing, our mechanical professionals can complete tailored transmission repair for Sydney’s vehicles. Whether requiring a repair for a specific part, or a transmission rebuild, Sydney vehicle owners should trust their asset to the transmission specialists at Diff Trans. Customers will find our car transmission repair cheaper than the manufacturer.

Truck Transmission Repair

Not just limited to improving cars and other domestic vehicles, Diff Trans also have the skills and ability to deliver superior truck transmission repairs. Able to work on all makes and models of trucks, the technicians at Diff Trans can rebuild, repair, and replace truck transmission units and systems. Using high-performance parts and components we can seal and replace leaking oil and fluid, replace worn elements, and clean out the entire unit, ensuring smooth and flawless operation. For more information about our truck transmission repair solutions call us on 1300 723 433.